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I expect that your Christmas decorations are packed away by now and January has moved in.

January: teasels in the fields near me

There is a sparse look to my surroundings yet I rather like it like this; clutter and chintz are definitely not for me. I prefer clean lines and believe less is more, except for Christmas.

This Monday has been very grey, barely any daylight and bitterly cold. Morning dog walk

The garden is quietly snoozing behind the brown ground and the prospect of finding suitable material for Cathy’s vase, slim. However in anticipation of the post Christmas emptiness I purchased an Amaryllis bulb.

I enjoy seeing the roots growing in the vase water. This has been in the warmth of the house for about two and a half weeks. It has grown triffid like.

I suppose if we actually see a little sunlight over the next few days the bud will open to reveal a beautiful creamy white Amaryllis trumpet of a flower.

In the meantime I am enjoying watching the growing process. I wonder what other participants of the Monday Vase have found. Do pop over and take a look.

Have a good week.D.