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Beautiful Rose, a Shropshire Lad is flowering again. A soft, gentle scent can be detected, deep within the many layers of petals.

Rose Lark Ascending is also flowering, continually to be honest. How gorgeous it is looking in this September light.

  • Rosette type flower in the form of an Aeonium. I have no idea which variety this is but it is looking particularly handsome in this light. The succulents will need to come under cover at any minute but today they can soak up the last gasps of summer.
  • Grasses are at their most glorious right now. This is no exception. Calamagrostis brachytricha. My new favourite.

    Mind you, I still think Calamagrostis Karl Foerster takes some beating, especially back lit like this.

    Last but not least are these delightfully cheery Aster

    Now known as Symphyotrichum Little Carlow. How are we supposed to keep up with name changes? Mind boggling.

    These are my Six and I have put them together to share with you lovely folk and The Propagator our host.

    With one week to go to my NGS opening I fear that the weather will have changed to soggy yuck. These images will be a mere memory.

    Right , I need to get a wiggle on. ‘Jobs to do ‘ list awaits!

    Enjoy your weekend, wherever you are and thanks for reading. D.