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I am drawn towards tall, see-through type plants and this little grouping are the type of plants I mean.

Lined up in my old test tube style vase. For those of you who like to know these things it is Vase d’Avril by TseTse Associates.

In the tubes are Verbena bonariensis, Allium sphaerophalon, Persicaria amplexcaulis Firetail and a stem from Sanguisorba. Less tall is Astrantia which on close inspection has claret centre markings which link well with the others.

Claret centre in the Astrantia

There is a movement to these types of plants. Even static when seen from above you can see the hither and thither way they have about them.

These are my flowers this Monday joining Cathy and her friends from all over the blogosphere. Not sure if that is the correct use of the term but it sounds right.

Wishing you a good week, wherever you are and thanks for reading.D.