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Saturday greetings from me to you. The weather these last few days frankly has been as extraordinary as these pandemic times we are living in. The deluge this morning has left a steaming mist this afternoon and those temperatures earlier in the week seem almost imaginary. My six, as a consequence of today’s weather. are images of the garden taken on Thursday.

Across the garden, verbena bonariensis has taken over as shown above. I love it. I love it’s tall wafting nature, its colour and I don’t mind it at the front of a border even if it has chosen the spot.

The funny thing with this image is that I look it and see the Hornbeam hedge needs cutting back into shape. It’s like a visual to do list for me.

This image of the path back up the garden shows what I mean about the verbena and today you need the secateurs to cut your way through. The claret foliage at the top of the path is from my beloved Cercis canadensis. This image shows me not only how big it is getting but how much I will need to prune back. There’s barely room to sit at the table.

Looking across the border to the path and table I like how much the Cercis shields the sitter from the rest of the garden but within reason of course. I am pleased with the colour mix of the pink rose a Shropshire Lad next to the variegated foliage of Catalpa pulverulentum and yes the Hornbeam definitely needs cutting back. I also need to take a bit off the viburnum bodnantense to the right of the hedge. It too is getting a bit too big.

Looking from the other side across the border to the dark green shrub on the right is the viburnum bodnantense and it really is too tall. Frankly Philadelphus coronarius aurea, Golden mock orange, is also getting too big and needs shaping up a bit. Topiary also needs clipping back to form. Gosh I have a lot to do.

A pleasing combination of the berries and foliage of Sambucus nigra Black Lace with Eupatorium Black stockings. The unopened buds of the flowers look so lovely next to the half eaten berries. The Sambucus will be cut down by about one third in spring to encourage better denser foliage.

Looking through and across the lawn is the borrowed view of the majestic weeping willow belonging to my neighbour. Properly impressive. Nothing for me to do there but to admire.

These are my six. A visual to do list rather than ‘jobs for the weekend ‘. Sharing my six with you and our host The Propagator

Have a great weekend wherever you are and thanks for reading. D.